His smile, is my smile

I love to see my son’s smile.

It can literally turn a bad day, into a great day.

It really is amazing what a single smile can do for people.

Like laughter, smiling is contagious. Think about it, if someone smiles at you what is your response? That’s right you call them creepy, run away, and don’t look back.

Jokes aside, smiling really is contagious. It is a social cue that we use to analyze environments. Try it out. The next person that you pass at the grocery store or in the mall, smile and nod at them. Observe how many people mimic your reaction.

It is great that smiles are so contagious. Giving someone a smile is so, very, rewarding. Even more so when it’s your own child smiling back at you!

The benefits of smiling are enormous. Smiles tend to trick yourself into being happier. This leads to a variety of other benefits for your overall physical and mental health.

This means that this is the single easiest method to make a positive change in the world, is to simply smile.

The only real downfall of a good smile are the wrinkles you’ll have later in life. In my humble opinion, that’s a small price to pay for a life time of smiles.

So, the lesson here is to smile. Your children and family will see this and follow suit. Then, they will be there smiling right back at you when you’re in need of some smiles.


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