Being with my son is an excuse to be a child again

My son brings out the child within me.

He makes me want to dress up and play super heroes, cowboys, or whatever else he wants. He still can’t quite talk yet, so until then we’re playing super heroes!

When we put on our super hero capes, we go from a normal father and son, to a super father and son.

Flying around puts the biggest smile on his face. It makes me melt every single time he does it.

And because smiles are contagious, I end up returning that smile.

During moments like these, nothing else really matters. Nothing.

I’m not worrying about my bills.

I’m not worrying about when I’ll see him next.

I’m not worrying about reaching my goals.

Nope, it all goes away. Similar to when I was a child and had no worries in the world.

I must say, it feels great to have moments like these.

I am constantly thinking about a million different things at any given time. Honestly, there is probably something wrong with me. I’ll lay in bed for two hours while trying to fall asleep thinking about which cookie would go best with which ice cream.

I conclude that peanut butter cookies would go great with some cookie two step. However, more research is needed to confirm my hypothesis.

My son gives me a break from that and allows me to live in the moment. I need to make sure to thank him for that the next time I see him.


Either way, I think one of the things I’m most excited about is being able to go play all these childhood games with my son once he’s older. He can’t even walk or talk yet and I’m still able to have so much fun with him. I can only imagine how great it will be once he gets older.

You better believe that I will still be there in that super hero cape when he gets older. I should probably invest in a couple of masks too so that our super identity is hidden from all the evil doers.

Anyway, I think that we as parents should not be afraid to indulge ourselves in our children’s interests and hobbies. Even if we look like giant weirdos while we do.

If you’re a dad and your daughter want to play tea party. I recommend putting on that crown and swapping out that soda for a nice cup of imaginary tea.

Who cares how you look when you’re having a great time with someone you love more than the world.

Plus, there’s a good chance that it will create a lifelong memory for your child.

Be a child!


This will probably be the last opportunity to do so. So, take advantage of it.


Today’s Lesson: Be a child, and don’t be afraid to do so.


Stay awesome dads.


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