A Fit Father Will Go Farther

What’s the best parenting advice you’ve received?

While waiting 9 months on the arrival of Xander, I was asking every dad I knew for advice on being a dad.

There was one piece of advice I wish I would have listened to earlier.

My best friend’s advice was to start exercising!

He told me how hard it is to keep up with your children when you’re not in shape. That they literally run circles around you.

I’ve only recently started following this advice, and it has been a game changer for me.

Now that I’m back in shape, I have so much more energy to give my son. I can push him in his car for hours, throw him in the air for as long as he’ll laugh, or chase him around the room as he crawls away. I can do all these things without fighting for my breath like I was in the beginning. It allows me to give my son more attention.

I’ll be honest though, it’s hard to get into a workout routine. It’s even harder when you have children! It’s difficult to make time in your day to do something that you don’t want to do. It’s even harder when the reward from your hard work is intangible. It can be easy for one to perceive the effort not being worth it.

It takes about 66 days to create a habit. This number depends on a few different variables, but we’ll use it for the sake of discussion.


66 days broken down is about 2 months, or 9 weeks. Once you hit this mark, you begin to look forward to your workout time. I know, crazy right? If you just take it one week at a time for 9 weeks, and you’ll hit the 66 day mark before you know it.

Not only will this change help you have the energy to keep up with your awesome kids, but it will also give you the energy to accomplish more in your personal life.

Is there anything that you’ve wanted to do, but never had the energy or drive to do it? Maybe it’s learning a new language, a musical instrument, or starting your own business? Regardless, getting in shape can help you build the confidence and motivation to make it happen.

As soon as I created the habit, I noticed that I spent more time improving my life. This blog is a result of this. By improving myself, I hope that I will become a better person and father for my son.

I challenge you to try it. Just take 30 minutes from your day and dedicate it to doing some sort of exercise. Even if it’s something small, you will still be contributing to that habit. Before you know it, you’ll be running marathons.

Stay Awesome



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