My Go-To Motivators When Feeling Lazy

How often do you look at your giant list of things to do for the day and get instantly de-motivated because you won’t get done in time to watch that new episode of game of thrones?

I wake up every day and face this reality. I do not want to do anything, ever. My perfect day would be to do nothing all day with my son. I am the laziest person I know.

Having a lengthy list of things to do for the day is a complete de-motivator for me.

I look at it and I estimate just how long it’ll take me to finish the list. After estimating that it’s going to take me 10+ hours to get everything done, my motivation makes a hard dive straight into the ground.

I have to force myself to make sure that I get my work done. Take this blog for example, no one is sitting here forcing me to write these posts. I must find the motivation to write each post on my own. Most days I enjoy writing, but there are plenty when I don’t. If I’m being honest, I would much rather be playing Overwatch with my friends right now than writing this post. Overwatch won’t get me any closer to my goals though, so here I am.

It’s hard to force myself to do anything without motivation. So, when I’m feeling low on motivation, I turn to YouTube.

YouTube has literally everything from cat videos to parenting advice. One trending aspect of YouTube is vlogs. Vlogs have become a culture on YouTube. There are many different kinds of people putting out vlogging content revealing their lives and talking about their niche.

My top three people to watch when feeling de-motivated are Roman Atwood, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Grant Cardone.

Roman Atwood made his claim to fame as a YouTube prankster. Now, he spends most of his time with his family doing vlogs. Roman has a son with his ex-wife and two other children with his current girlfriend Brittany.

Roman has to share his oldest son with his ex-wife and this is why he motivates me. You can tell it’s incredibly hard for him to not see his son as much as he wants. I’m sure every single parent knows that pain all too well. Instead of being angry and upset about it, he turns to his mantra which is to “smile more”. Roman chooses to smile and be happy for the times that he does have his son. He doesn’t dwell in the pain that comes with not seeing his child. He’s a hardcore optimist. By watching Roman, I have learned a lot about looking on the brighter side of things. It also helps to see that I am not alone in the pain I feel when I have to drop off my son and not see him for the next few days. You can hang out with his family over the interwebs here.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a marketing master. If you watch his meetings with clients, you can see how creative he can be on the spot. I love his take on how to be successful. His main rant is to work harder and stop making excuses for yourself. When paired with his charisma, his rant really gets me fired up to work my butt off. When I watch Gary, I am generally looking for the motivation to keep on working after looking at my never-ending to-do list. He gets me excited and makes me love the process of working rather than the reward that comes later. This is something else he talks about a lot and I think it’s genius. Why care about the reward when you start to love the actual work that you do? You can look at what it’s like to be a major businessman like Gary here.

Grant Cardone, like Gary, is a marketing master. However, Grant is also very much known for his presence in the real estate game. I have a huge interest in real estate and am looking to eventually create a business out of it. Until that day comes however, I am doing the next best thing by educating myself. Grant puts out a lot of content on real estate education. I already love real estate so I get pretty excited when talking about CAP rates and 1031 exchanges, however Grant 10x’s that excitement with his personality. He gets so fired up about everything he does and it’s so motivating. I highly suggest checking out his YouTube here if you’re looking for the extra push to hit that goal.

Now, it’s easy to sit there for hours and watch the content from these people. They allow you to get a taste of what it’s like to have their life. This can make it easy for one to spend their time watching videos rather than working to hit their goals. I suggest watching 1-2 videos a day. One before you start, and one when you finish. This will help limit you to working instead of spending all your time on YouTube. Remember, these guys are for motivation to get your work done, not to procrastinate.

Stay Motivated


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