5 Skills to Become Tilt Proof

Tilting, it’s the feeling of frustration from losing repeatedly.

Tilting, I believe, comes from the gaming community. If you turn on any stream on Twitch, you will probably hear the term within 30 minutes.

However, most people fall victim to this concept of tilt in their day to day lives.

Here’s how it usually occurs. One loses or fails in some way, shape, or form, and they let it affect their mindset. This causes the same person to become more prone to lose or fail the next time that failing is an option. Then this creates a snowball effect that continues until one alters their mindset.

When’s the last time you had a bad day that just got worse and worse as it went by? You were probably tilted!

By becoming tilt proof, you can prevent the snowball effect from occurring, thus giving you more happy days.

Life’s too short to be tilted, so pay close attention!

1: Positive Affirmation

This is the most important aspect to becoming tilt proof. For all my optimists, this will be incredibly easy and you probably already do it. For all my pessimists, this will be a bit more difficult.

Look forward to achieving the success that you want. Tell yourself that you can achieve it. That no matter what challenge you come across, you will prevail. Every day, I tell myself, “I will be the best father in the world”, and every day I do something to work toward that goal. I do this because I constantly remind myself of my goal.

Positive affirmations take your goal and they add weight to it. It makes it feel more concrete when you tell yourself you’re going to achieve that same goal every day. It causes you to become aware of your goal which will help to make progress toward it.

2: Find the Joy in Failure

As hard as it might seem, failure can be a beautiful thing. There’s a YouTube channel called FailArmy that features many kinds of fails. Each one is as hilarious as the next. Go spend 30 minutes watching and get ready to laugh.

So, if we can laugh at the failures of others, why can’t we laugh at our own failures?

Just writing this blog post, my computer has crashed three times and counting. After the third time, I was slightly upset. After being upset for a few minutes, I burst into an uncontrollable laughter. Why? Because it’s funny. 2017 is probably the 2nd worst year of my life thus far. So, it makes sense that something like this would happen.

Sure, some bigger failures, might be harder to see the light in, and that’s totally understandable. You won’t be able to laugh at every failure. However, the next time you run into a pole while walking and texting, I challenge you to laugh at your misfortune.

3: Be Mindful

Mindfulness is a tool many psychologists utilize for therapy. Mindfulness is accepting an emotion or state of mind and experiencing it. If you’re angry, you can be mindful of the anger and accept it. By doing this, you obtain control over the emotion rather than letting the emotion control you.

Think about it via music. If you’re happy, you’ll most likely listen to happy music. If you’re sad, you’ll most likely listen to sad music. By doing this, you’re practicing mindfulness. You’re accepting the emotion that you’re experiencing and exploring it via your music choice.

As a result, the music helps you to explore the aspects of how you’re feeling and helps you to accept it. By exploring the emotion, you eventually learn to overcome it.

By utilizing mindfulness, you will have a greater control over your state of mind.

4: Be patient

Patience is a virtue.

All you parents know how important patience can be when it comes to raising children. I mean, you can’t expect a child to just pee in the toilet as soon as they pop out the womb, right? No! It takes time to reach that milestone. And many dirty diapers.

By the way, it’s totally possible to potty train your child before they’re one years old. You can learn a bit more about it here.

Patience is very similar to positive affirmations. You know that good things will happen again, it’s just a matter of when. By being patient, you ready yourself to accept the good times when they do arrive rather than trying to force them to happen.

5: Relax

Relaxing and being patient go hand in hand.

You’re failing over and over, but it’s ok. Just take a deep breath and relax. Was that failure really that much of a big deal? Did you lose everything in your life over it? Chances are you did not. Take a step back and look at how insignificant it most likely is.

If you’re not able to do that, then blow off some steam with a hobby or exercise. After that, take another look at that failure.

By relaxing, you’re taking the stress off yourself. Individuals are more prone to make mistakes when stressed. More mistakes will cause you to tilt even more. So, take a step back, take a deep breath, and relax my friend. It will be ok.

Practice these 5 tips the next time it feels like your life is slipping through your fingers.

These tips can be applied to anything and everything in life. Instead of tilting the next time you’re faced with never ending failure, take control of it and turn it around.

Stay motivated

3 thoughts on “5 Skills to Become Tilt Proof”

  1. My beloved Mother always said “Patience is a Virtue.” I have found it so many times over these 62 years. There isn’t any rush, especially since many of the things we might be rushing into aren’t worth our sweat. Besides, “haste makes waste!”

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