Becoming A Warrior

What does it take to become a warrior?

A warrior does, what a warrior must.

A warrior pushes past the pain, to succeed.

A warrior, runs the warrior dash!

The warrior dash is a 5k run with all kinds of obstacles only the toughest of warriors can overcome.

One such obstacle, is the Goliath. It’s a giant slide each warrior gets to go down, while belting their battle cry in the form of “Woo-hoos!”, into a pool of muddy warrior water.

Along with obstacles, the warrior dash come with oodles of mud. Like, a lot mud. So save your mud mask for the day and lather up. Here are some friends and I just after the race.


Covered in mud like the warriors we are.

The warrior dash is a great way to have an interesting day with friends and family. You can all bond over the mud, obstacles, and beer while becoming warriors together.

Don’t be deterred by the 5k distance. You can take the course at your own pace. Which means, you can start at the 1st wave and take all day to finish the course if you need. Then you can congratulate yourself on completing a 5k and becoming a warrior.

The company that puts on the dash is Red Frog Events. They put on numerous events similar to the warrior dash, so I invite you to check them out and see if there is anything coming up near you!

The great thing about Red Frog Events, is that they are partnered with St. Jude’s Research Hospital.

St. Jude’s is a research hospital that takes care of terminally ill children. Their main focus is helping children with cancer.

What they do for families is truly amazing. They do everything in their power to help these children. From treatment, to inspiring, or just being there for the child and their families. They do this without charging the family a dime. That’s right, not a dime. The treatments and care costs for these children and families are generally covered from donations much like Red Frogs Events donations, or from good people like yourself.

Red Frog Events has done a lot of good to help the real warriors through their partnership with St. Jude’s. This alone is reason enough to get outside and become the warrior I know you are.

The next time that the warrior dash comes to a town near you, join the warrior tribe. You won’t regret it.

Stay wild.

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