Create Your Own Lasting Memories

The old adage, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, fits well here.

Sometimes in life, things don’t go as planned. Who am I kidding, things rarely go as planned.

For every one thing that goes right in my life, five other things go wrong. Can you relate?

That’s just how life is though, and personally I think that’s part of the reason why life is so interesting. It’s always unpredictable.

Life keeps you on your toes!

This is why I have a deep respect for “natural selection”. If you’re unfamiliar with “natural selection” it states that only the adaptable survive. It was an idea largely supported by Charles Darwin and his research.

Life is unpredictable, therefore, we must always adapt to the events we are presented with. If we choose not to adapt, we will, unfortunately, die off.

That’s according to the laws of natural selection anyway. Humans as a species have progressed far enough where our generation need not worry much about adapting. Although I do have some concerns, such as our diminishing water supply, that I may talk about in the future.

However, this post isn’t about what we can do to better adapt as a species to change the environment. It’s about adapting as individuals to establish lasting memories when things aren’t perfect.

I’ve gone through a good deal of therapy, and have picked up on a lot of good advice from my sessions. My current therapist has helped me immensely with the separation of my son’s mother has given me advice that I will hold onto the rest of my life.

Important moments aren’t tied to the time of the moment, it’s tied to the value that we put into the moment. For example, how often do you celebrate a birthday on the actual day of your birth? I assume most people tend to celebrate their birthdays on the weekend, and not on their actual birthday if their birthday falls during the week.

Despite the celebration taking place on a different day than the day the celebration should occur, you are still able to have beautiful and memorable moments.

Today marks my son’s first Halloween. I was really looking forward to taking him trick-or-treating with his other family members that are his age. However, life happened. So instead of trick-or-treating with my mini-me, I’m here, setting the stage to tell you about the great Halloween I had with him.

First off, I am extremely thankful that I was able to be with him at all on Halloween. I understand that many parents may not get to see their children at all during days like today. If you’re in such a situation, my heart goes out to you and I urge you to continue reading.

So if I could not take my son trick-or-treating, then why was it such a great day you ask? Well, it’s because instead of going out and searching for the spirit of Halloween via trick-or-treating festivities, I had a Halloween party at home. I created my own moment.

I actually have to mostly thank my mom. She knew I was bummed about not being able to take Xander trick-or-treating. So, she had the bright idea to bring Halloween to us.

She got all kinds of neat decorations to really give us that Halloween spirit. Complete with Halloween themed games and food.

Do you remember those family members that I wanted to take Xander trick-or-treating with? Well they all showed up to celebrate the occasions too. Each dressed in their very own costume.

It was so simple, yet so amazing. We created the Halloween moment that I desperately wanted to experience with Xander on our own terms.

We adapted and did not let life prevent us from creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

If you can do this as well, then no moment will ever be missed.

So, the next time life hands you lemons, take those lemons and make some sweet sweet lemonade out of it.

Happy Halloween my friends, from my family, to yours.

Stay awesome

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