Music Creates Relationships Between People

Music is a vessel for social connection.

It helps us create lasting relationships with others from something so simple, like groovy bass lines. Who doesn’t like groovy bass lines?

This commonality in fondness of this bassline in two individuals essentially becomes a thread. It’s something that can bring two people together if they so choose.

Research shows that individuals are likely to build upon the thread and establish a greater social connection with others that share their taste in music.

The idea is that a musical genre has a set of personal values attached to it. The music brings together people whom share these values.  People meet others with similar values from the music and are more likely to relate with one another. Thus, relationships are more easily formed from the similarity.

Knowing this, the one person I can’t wait to connect with via music is my son. I’ve played guitar for him well before I met him, and you best believe that I’ve continued doing so now that I’ve met him.

He loves when I bring out my guitar to play some music. He gets super excited and crawls as fast as he can to me, and when he gets to me, he quickly puts his hands over the strings to make me stop playing. So, either I’m really bad, or he just thinks he can do better…

It really is amazing that I am already connecting with my son through music. It’s often that he’ll sit there and bang on his drums or my guitar while I play. Those moments are priceless. To see him so excited and happy from creating something together. Just because I love seeing that big smile on his face, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on his lack of rhythm skills.

His favorite song that I  play for him, is Pallet Town, from the generation one Pokémon games. Which is awesome, because I’m still a huge Pokémon nerd.

Apart from guitar, I also produce electronic music. I didn’t know what producing entailed when I first started learning about music and getting into it so I’ll explain it a bit. Producing is everything. I write melodies, chord lines, create sounds, edit samples, mix, and master my own music.

I showed my son a song one of my songs for the first time a couple days ago. It was humbling to say the least.

I have already shown my 1 ½ year old brother a lot of my music. There has been a lot of dancing as a result. He might be my biggest fan.

Sharing my music with my son was different though. He was very confused at first, but he looked on in wonderment. The soft piano paired with the strings kept his attention and kept him curious as to what was going to happen. Then, the drums came in and my favorite smile appeared on his face.

And there we were, dancing in the middle of our room without a care in the world. Both sharing that same smile.

It’s going to be a moment I remember for the rest of my life.

We made a connection and shared a moment through music. Needless to say, i’m incredibly excited to continue doing this as we both grow older.

Stay Awesome

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