The Beginnings of Nerddom

My son is doomed to become a nerd.

I’ve been a massive video game and anime nerd since I was super young.

It started by being exposed to videogames from my father. It was something that we were able to bond over a lot.

Some of my best memories are from me calling in my dad to beat all the hard bosses that 6 year old me couldn’t beat. Honestly, he was the only reason I was ever able to beat any videogame that was out there.

Above all else though, he helped teach me life lessons through videogames. Maybe it was on purpose, maybe it wasn’t, but it definitely happened.

I’ll never forget having him there to help me get past those bosses. This taught me to not be afraid to ask for help from others when faced with a task that was too much to tackle on my own.

When he would beat me 100-0 in the NCAA football games, he taught me how to lose gracefully.

When he would let me win 100-0 in the NCAA football games, he taught me how to win gracefully.

And these lessons are just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m looking forward to doing the same with Xander in the next few years.

This week marks the first step of dragging my son into the depths of nerddom.

He caught his first Pokémon!

What’s even cooler is that he actually chose my favorite starter being bulbasaur, and I totally did not influence that decision, what so ever. Lies.

It’s actually kind of funny because bulbasaur is actually slightly bigger than Xander. So, he can’t really grab it and hold onto it so he just pets and kisses it.

So, we’re off to a good start!

Next up is to introduce him into Pokémon go. Maybe he’ll get a kick out of seeing his freshly caught bulbasaur moving around on my phone.

Stay awesome

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