The Holiday Season

The two biggest holidays of the year are only a month apart.

This means that a lot of overlap happens while celebrating for one or the other.

I mean, Thanksgiving hasn’t passed yet and I already know quite a few people that have their Christmas tree up and ready to shelter all the presents.

That’s a little too forward in my opinion, but hey more power and merry Christmas to you my friend.

Though, I have little room to talk. I am also guilty of getting in the Christmas spirit before Thanksgiving even happens. I haven’t gone as far to set up a tree, but I am finding myself listening to Christmas music more and more.

In my defense though, I even listen to Christmas music in July. I just love how pretty it can be. If you haven’t heard her before, I recommend going check out Daniela Andradae’s Christmas songs. Her voice is hypnotizing.

Although setting up the tree and taking all the Santa pictures in November, in my humble opinion, is a little too soon for Christmas festivities. However, I do think that it is great that people are able to get that excited about something.

It seems like most people are just living day to day waiting for unique experiences to happen during the rest of the year. When the holiday season comes around though, people move it into high gear. They get excited, anxious, and happy.

It’s like they have a goal to make the holidays great and memorable and they put in a lot of effort to make that a reality. Just pay attention to the traffic in your town once black Friday happens. You don’t have to look closely to see that it’s going to take an extra 30 minutes to get anywhere while people are out shopping for all of their holiday needs.

Regardless, it still seems like people get a little bit closer during the holiday season. Just don’t watch all of those “black Friday brawl” videos. That’s the extreme of the negativity that the excitation, anxiousness, and happiness that the holidays can bring.

It’s not a realistic view of what actually occurs during the holidays. We’re just more drawn to negativity than positivity.

No, look at videos such as this one. Videos where people are giving back and helping their community. It always feels like these videos go vastly unnoticed when compared to the viral violent ones. Yet this what I see much more of during the holidays.

This is what the holidays are about, community, family, and giving back. We need to do more for each other rather than more for ourselves.

So I challenge you this year to go out and commit to doing a small act of kindness for a stranger. See, if your chosen stranger is willing to pay it forward to the next stranger they see.

These small acts of kindness are the first steps to making a change in the world, and what better time to do it during the holiday season.

Stay wild

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