My Favorite Things about Being a Father

I might not get as much time with my son as I would like, but I can make sure that I make an impact on the relationship with my son in the small amount that I do have.

I was pretty frustrated with my situation when I wrote my last post. Honestly, I am still pretty frustrated two days later.

However, I want to be able to help others see the good when you’re surrounded by the ugly.

If you cannot see the good, then you’ll never find your clear path to breaking free of the ugly that surrounds you. You leave your escape up to chance, rather than personal attempts to reach a better place.

When you get lost, think of the things that make the fight worth it.

Here are the lights that are guiding my path to escape the ugliness I am currently finding myself in.

My son’s smile.

My son’s dance when I play guitar and sing to him.

My son’s tenacity while learning to walk.

My son’s shyness when meeting new or unfamiliar people.

My son’s hugs.

My son’s kisses.

My son’s cuddles.

My son’s laugh.

My son’s peek-a-boo shenanigans.

My son’s mad dash around the house.

My son’s high fives.

My son’s love for animals that are twice his size.

My son’s love for being outside.

My son’s love for riding in electric baby cars.

My son’s love for going fast.

My son’s love for music.

My son’s dislike for certain foods.

My son’s snore as he sleeps.

My son’s cry for help when distressed.

My son’s fascination with pulling the string for the ceiling fan.

My son’s excitement when he sees me.

My son’s irrational fear of door stoppers.

These are all things that I love to witness and be a part of as his father, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I could sit here all day and list things that I love about my son. Really though, I just love everything about him and about being a father.

I’m sure that you have similar things that you love about your child and about parenting.

If you find yourself going through a rough patch from custody issues, parenting issues, work, finances, life, or whatever, look to your children to help guide you out of the ugly and back into the good that you deserve.

They will help give you the motivation to continue being the best person you can be. While looking for features such as the one’s I have listed, you will quickly see that the frustrations are worth it.

Stay awesome

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