Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great time to bring family together.

Thanksgiving is a time that allows us to sow our familial ties together. I like to think it’s a time to build our bond just before it is destroyed by the Christmas shenanigans.

I kid, both holidays are great to bring together family and friends.

Usually Thanksgiving involves picking out a few things you’re thankful for.

Some may have a lot that they’re thankful for, others may not. Either way, it is ok.

As long as you have something you’re grateful for, then you’re in good standing in my book.

The thing that I am most thankful for this year is my family.

Growing up, I did not see how great my family actually is. I was too busy worrying about how bad I had it compared to other kids my age.

I would act up a lot and it was not unusual for my mom to call in my uncles for back up.

I remember when I was about 14-15 years old and my uncle picked me up off the ground by my collar and made it clear I needed to start behaving.

Side note, I did not start behaving until college had started.

That same uncle was the first to greet myself and Xander when I made it to the house on Thanksgiving day and wish us a happy thanksgiving. He was extremely excited to see Xander. He actually got Xander out of the car before I could even get out myself.

My point is, I would act out all the time, but my family never “disowned” me. I actually remember telling my mom that I did not consider her family, because blood does not mean family in my eyes.

I have the same belief that blood does not mean family. Think about it, your significant other does not have the same blood as you, yet they are still your family right?

No, in my eyes, one’s family consists of the people are there for you no matter what.

It did not matter how many times I acted up, my family still accepted me with love.

My mom and I would constantly fight after my dad died. This would continue on until about the time I turned 21.

Now, she’s my biggest supporter and has helped me immensely since becoming a parent.

Though, the family member I am most thankful for, is Xander.

As his dad, I am supposed to be teaching him everything there is to know about becoming an adult. Honestly, I do not even really know how to be a successful adult yet. I think the answer to what makes a successful adult is different for everyone, and it is a never-ending quest that changes as you age.

However, I have never been this close to the answer as I am now, and I have Xander to thank for that. I feel like he has taught me a lot more than I have taught him thus far.

So, I am going to give the most un-original answer for the main thing I am thankful for this year, and that Is family. I know they have my back no matter what.

A close second behind that would probably be indoor plumbing. That’s pretty important too…

I hope you and your family had an amazing Thanksgiving with many more to come through the years.

Stay wild

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