Giving Pictures a Voice

A picture can be worth more than a thousand words.

Why stop at a thousand when you can add so many more?

My father was a Marine. This means there were periods where he would be away for his training.

Back before I was born, he had to go through basic training for the Marines. This is typically a three month long training with minimal contact from your loved ones.

I haven’t gone through basic training, but I’m sure you get the idea. It was hard to talk to the people you care about.

Once you get closer to completing basic training, everyone takes their official picture in the Marine Corps uniform.

My father decided to send this picture to my mom. He didn’t stop there however. On the back of it, he wrote her a message.

He added to the thousand words that a picture already innately contains.

Eventually this picture found its way into my hands. I did not think much of it at first, but once my father was killed, I found out just how valuable that picture was to me.

It not only gave me a snapshot of his physical being, but also a snapshot of his personality.

This is something that I have adopted over the years. I write littlie stories, notes, or letters on the back of pictures that I cherish.

It adds an amazing amount of value to a captured moment. It’s like adding a caption to a picture on Facebook. Except that it’s physical. Which I think is a bit more personable.

It is something that you can hold. You won’t be around forever, so that might make a world of a difference for the loved ones you leave behind. It was always nice to be able to take out that picture knowing that the note was personally written in his handwriting, and that he had physically held this picture.

It made it more sentimental.

This was something neat that I have created a tradition out of and thought that you might be interested in creating something similar.

I hope that one day it may make a lasting impact on Xander and that it becomes something he can appreciate long after I am gone.

Stay awesome

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