Consistency is Key

You don’t have to go fast to reach your goals, you have to go far.

Goals take consistency to hit. In my opinion, this is the most important aspect when trying to reach a goal.

If you’re consistent in taking steps toward your goal, then you will eventually arrive at your destination. You can go at whatever speed you like, but the important thing is that you do not quit. That you stay consistent in walking towards your goal.

It doesn’t matter how much faster or slower you’re going compared to others. At the end of the day, you’re doing this for you, not them, right?

Now let’s talk about consistency. You can have a few different levels of consistency. You can have everyday consistency, every week consistency, or even every year consistency. You can choose to do something every day, every week, or every year.

While setting up a determined schedule to do something every day might be fantastic for you, and I highly recommend it, I want to speak about being consistent on a task overtime with large breaks in between activity.

While this is definitely not the best way to go about reaching your goal, it is still a viable way.

I’ll give my personal example to show what I mean.

I make music as a hobby. I have been doing this for roughly five years now.

I don’t have a set schedule that where I make music every day, every other day, or whatever other schedule you want to throw out there.

I make music when I want to. This means I might spend hundreds of hours a month making new songs, or three hours a month making songs. It all depends on how motivated I am to sit down and work at it.

Yet even though I don’t have a consistent schedule dedicated to making music, I am still able to improve. I do this by focusing on learning something new each time I create a new song.

I disregard the time spent gaining experience and I focus on the quality of that experience.

By doing this, I am able to continue breaking through walls that held me back from creating better music in the past.

For comparison on how effective this is, listen to these two tracks of mine.

I bet you can guess which one is from 2013 and which one is from this year?

By simply not stopping music production, I have improved over time.

You can do this with almost any skill. The more you learn about said skill overtime, the better you will become at it. You don’t have to invest three hours into the skill every day, you just have to keep going back to it over time.

Again, this is not the fastest way to achieve your goal. However, it might be the right way for you depending on your current circumstances. Eventually, you may be able to commit three hours every day to walking toward your goal. This is what I would recommend. If you get to a point where you can do this after you completely stop walking toward your goal, then it will be much more difficult to make up for lost time. It will take you longer to achieve you goal than if you had done a little here and there when you could.

Which skill are you not going to be stopping anytime soon?

Stay motivated

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