New Year’s Resolutions Are A Sham

When’s the last time you heard of someone actually holding true to their resolution?

If you’re one of the few that have done it, then I applaud you. It’s a pretty tough feat to accomplish.

This is why I think it is a complete sham. People shoot too high for the wrong reasons, and they ultimately fail.

With the New Year, come memes such as…


First off, why would you completely reinvent yourself? Why not just continue building upon the good qualities that you already have? Chances are, you’re already pretty awesome.

People make these life altering resolutions that they could not possibly hope to follow. It’s just too big of a goal to accomplish, even if you have a whole year to do it.

Having a year to do it might even make it even more difficult. If the average person looks at the gap between themselves and their end goal, they might lose their motivation to continue

Take George and his resolution to stop drinking for example. George has high hopes to stop drinking because he sees how unhealthy it is to drink in the way that he does. He drinks about three beers a day. Before you know it, George is ceasing his resolution to stop drinking alcohol by February 4th just because his team is headed to the super bowl. So, he makes an exception, just this once. But next week, his bestfriends birthday comes around. It won’t hurt to let loose with the alcohol right?

Before he knows it, he looks at a calendar and sees how long he has to go without drinking alcohol. Because he’s already failed, he gives up and looks to try again next year.

George fell prey to instant gratification. And most of us aren’t much different from George.

George knows that it’s good for him, but the reward was too far away and too difficult for him to reach all at once. He should have taken baby steps. Maybe he could have limited himself to 3 alcoholic drinks a week rather than quitting completely. From there, he could have gradually slowed down until he quit drinking alcohol completely.

As you can guess, I am not a big of a fan of New Year’s resolutions. In my opinion, if you want to change yourself for the better, why wait for a new year? Why not start now?

I think resolutions are an excuse for us to talk about how much better we will be the next year, while getting “happy hormones” from our words, without actually doing anything at all.

In reality, if you truly wanted to get better for yourself, then you would have started last month and would be looking to improve upon your goal for New Years. Right?

New Year’s resolutions are much too driven by society. You shouldn’t want to get better because it’s a new year and everyone else is doing it. You shouldn’t try to bite off more than you can chew either.

You should want to get better because you want it.

If you see yourself as a parent that spends ample time with your children, then be that parent. Don’t revolve your self-image around a goal that you want to show to society. If you base your goal around looking good for society, then chances are that you’ll fail.

Your why won’t be big enough to sacrifice your current life for your future life.

That’s my rant on New Year’s resolutions.

If you want to change your life for the better, then do it as soon as you have the desire. Don’t wait until everyone else is doing it. Be different.

With all of this said, my “New Year’s Resolution” is to read a book every two weeks. I’ve started reading a lot this year, however I don’t feel like it’s enough. So, I’m going to buckle down and improve upon my goal. I started a few weeks ago, and I’m going strong. I will continue to do so until 2019 and beyond.

If I fail, I will definitely be letting everyone know, and then look to re-evaluate my goal. However, I’ll tell you that I won’t quit. Failing is a good thing, quitting is not.

So, if you do have a New Year’s Resolution that means a lot to you, I want to congratulate you on at wanting to make a change for the better. Now, I want to ask that even if you fail, that you don’t quit. Keep striving to be the best that you can be. If you don’t get there today, then you’ll get there tomorrow. If you don’t get there tomorrow, then you’ll get there the next day.

Regardless, you can do it.

Just don’t wait for the New Years to make a positive change in your life next time. Do it on your own terms.

I hope you guys have an amazing New Year that is filled with family, friends, and Happiness.

PS: I date all my blog posts, and I totally messed up and saved it under 2017. Oops! Don’t forget to change your dates!

Stay wild

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