How My Mom and I Bonded Over Makeup

Hello, my name is not Dustin. My name’s Katie, and I’m here on Dad Days to tell you that while I don’t have kids of my own, I do have makeup, and my mom and I… we’ve bonded over it.

My mom has never been the kind of woman that caked on makeup every single day. She was never worried about what the latest trend was or what the best product was. She found her handful of products that worked for her, and stuck with them for YEARS.

Because of that, makeup has never really been a foreign concept to me. When my mom did wear makeup, I remember always sitting in the bathroom while she got ready. Had I not discovered my own way with makeup, my mom would probably still be using the same products she used back in the day. Her collection (I use that term loosely) would have never expanded.

I used to sneak into her bathroom and play with her red lipsticks when she wasn’t home. When I got little older, I would steal her eyeliner and wear it when I hung out with my friends, as if she couldn’t tell I was wearing black eyeliner. Once I got to middle school, she let me wear the eyeliner to school and no matter how much I begged, that was the ONLY makeup I could wear. Looking back, it was probably good call. Thanks, Mom.

I wore makeup in high school, but it wasn’t until right after high school that I really started to try new things and become more confident in my makeup abilities. I started watching YouTube videos and even got into special effects makeup. Eventually, I started doing makeup on other people. I did a few homecoming and prom looks, some for Mardi Gras balls, and even my friends wedding makeup.

My mom asked me to do her makeup for an event she and my dad were going to and she loved it! It was so awesome to see my mom checking herself out and comparing her before and after pictures, which she insisted I take.

Doing someone’s makeup is already a bonding experience because of how up close and personal you get with your client, but doing my moms makeup was a great bonding experience for us. Now my mom always asks if she’s using her makeup correctly, what she should be doing with a product, or what new product to buy.

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