I have survived…

I’ve spent nearly a week trying to recover from this.

I have been bedridden for the last four days.

I believe I left my room maybe twice during this time. These days were filled with rest, medicine, and more rest.

This was thanks to the nasty bug that is the flu!

I think this is the first time I have ever had the flu, and I hope that I never have it again. I don’t think I have ever been so sick before in my life.

I was running a fever of 103+ for three days. The only time my temperature wasn’t above 103 was when I took my trusty Tylenol. This awarded me a few hours of relief from the anguish that a 103 fever brings. It would be just long enough for me to get back to sleep.

Yesterday was the final day of fever for me, thankfully. Well… hopefully.

Now that the hardest part is over, all I have left to fight off are the body aches and cold symptoms.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am the worst at being sick. Seriously, I am the biggest baby.

I have literally worked my body to where it locked up from exhaustion without a second thought or complaint. That’s easy. Dealing with the discomfort from being sick? Not so easy for me.

So, I’m glad it’s almost over. Now, let’s talk about what’s going on with the blog.

I usually post once every other day, but the flu had other plans for me. Because I don’t typically schedule my posts ahead of time, unless it’s a bigger post, I didn’t have anything prepared to release while I was fighting to get better.

I wanted to suck it up and write anyway, like I’m doing now, but I couldn’t even look my phone screen for 2 minutes without causing a massive migraine and becoming incredibly disoriented.

So, here I am now, telling you that I’m still here. I’m not ever going to go away. I have too much to share with all of you and the world.

There’s too much work to do to ever quit writing.

With that being said though, I will be posting slightly less frequently during the next few months. It’s my hope that this will help me create higher quality material for everyone to read.

It will also allow me to set up a concrete plan for how I want to discuss parenting, the family law system, and all of my other topics in a controlled, educational, and respectable manner.

My life has been chaotic for the past year, and I don’t want the blog to fall into that same chaos as I take steps to get my life back on track. I often talk about planning your approach before doing anything, so I am going to be taking my own advice and doing some further planning.

So, that’s my quick update for the blog and where I have been the last few days.

I hope that you have been doing well. I urge you to stay as healthy as you can, because the flu was a nightmare. I hope that you do not find yourself exposed to it.

Stay wild


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