I failed….

I got off track and missed my goal.

One of my goals going into the New Year was to read a book every two weeks.

I was doing well for a while. Up until these last two weeks, I had stayed true on that path toward my goal.

This week, I failed to meet my goal. I did not finish reading my book for the last two weeks. Honestly, I just went to look for it to see what page I’m on and how far I have left to go. Well, lo and behold, it’s actually missing!

I literally have no idea where it is which is going to be an obstacle when it comes time to get my reading done today. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there though.

Regardless, I failed! I knew I would too. I planned on it. I planned on it because success isn’t a linear path. There are all kinds of bumps, hills, and mountains to cross along the way. Success is not an easy path to follow, no matter what your end goal is.

So, this is why I’m not deterred by my failure. I look at it as an opportunity to improve the system that I had in place before.

Plus, it fires me up to know that I failed. To me, failure is motivating! I thrive off of getting better at things and eventually becoming one of the best. For my nerds out there, I like to level up in real life.

Failure reminds me that I’m working toward something that will improve my life in some way and that I’m not doing enough to get to the point I want to be. So I use this fire to get myself back on a bigger and stronger track.

With each failure, I can reverse engineer where I went wrong and fix it from the top down. Then, I can make whatever tweaks I need to my previous system. What comes out, is a system that’s one step closer to becoming a success.

So, I’m glad I failed. It was a wakeup call that I’m not doing something to set my future-self up for success. If I want to create the life I envision for myself and Xander, then I need to keep moving forward.

One of the adjustments I’m going to make is to create a physical schedule. I was going off of a malleable schedule that I had planned mentally every day. Most of the time, it involved me running around like a mad man forgetting what I was doing constantly. It wasn’t the most efficient system…

This time, I will have my schedule written down. I will make it concrete each week and plan my time accordingly. This will help me block time for the things that are important to me. It will help keep me accountable to giving a significant amount of time to the things that I believe will make my life fulfilling such as Xander, reading, friends, family, and learning.

Once I am able to commit to a set schedule every week, then I will only need to worry about being efficient as possible during that time. From this, I will correct my mistake and continue with my goal of reading a book every two weeks. If I do fail again, then it’s my hope that I last at least a little bit longer between now and when that failure happens. If I do, then an improvement will have been made. This means I essentially leveled up! Which is always great.

I’ll keep you guys updated on how it works out.

Stay Motivated

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