Are Parents Cool?

I think we’re cool, but I may be biased.

I was recently having a conversation with some friends about Xander becoming interested in the same things that I am.

I’m currently under the belief that children look up to their parents, at least while they’re young, and will take a massive interest in what their parents are interested in.

My friends tend to think otherwise!

They think that children never believe their parents are “cool” in any sense of the word. Therefore, they will be pushed away from their parent’s hobbies and interests.

I mean, why would a kid be interested in something that’s not “cool”?

The whole reason I am the massive nerd that I am today is because I thought it was cool when my dad played videogames like Super Mario or Mortal Kombat on the SNES. I would sit and watch him play while patiently waiting for my turn.

This led us to bonding over games which I would go on to do with others. These people that I bond with regularly over a game of, let’s say, Overwatch, have become my closest friends.

While growing up, I noticed that videogames typically had a negative aura placed around them.

If you played videogames, then you were a lazy nerdy geeky dork.

I remember not telling my friends that I played Runescape years ago because they would make fun of other kids who played Runescape. If they had found out, then that would have been the end of my social life.

That’s what I thought anyways. Turns out, it wasn’t true. I eventually got away from those guys and moved into my current group of friends who are nerds just like I am.

My point is, I continued to play videogames even if society looked down upon them. It was something I thought was cool and it was something that I shared with my father.

On the flip side, there were a lot of things that my father did that were totally not cool!

Take country music for instance. Country music is literally the only music genre that I have no love for. I think it’s not cool in any sense of the word. Yet, my parents would listen to country music all the time.

Do I hate it simply because my parents thought it was cool? I don’t think so. I’m just not interested in the type of sound that country music typically has.

My parents thinking country music is cool has absolutely nothing to do with my dislike of the genre. I can say this for a fact because my father was the one that got me into rock music.

If my musical interests were swayed at all by my parents interests, then I would have steered clear from rock too and went straight into classical as it’s the only thing I don’t remember them playing on the radio. By the way, I’m a total sucker for some Bach.

I’ve got a firm belief that regardless of how “cool” or “uncool” a child believes their parents to be, that it will not affect their true interests in any way. A child will be interested in what they’re interested in. It’s that simple.

Now, this still begs the questions, are parents cool?

In short, heck yea we are.

I think it’s pretty cool that the majority of what we do is for our children.

We give to them with no interest in receiving anything in return bar a few chores here and there. In my opinion, this is one the greatest things you can do as a person. It’s a form of self-sacrifice which is something that is incredibly heroic.

This is why parents are typically their children’s hero.

And this may be the nerd in me speaking, but I’m always going to think heroes are cool.

So, if you’re a parent, kudos to you for being the coolest person your children will ever know.

They might not realize it until they’re older, but it’s true. Once they do realize it, you may see them taking more of an interest in your hobbies and yourself.

Stay Awesome

2 thoughts on “Are Parents Cool?”

  1. I won’t say that all parents are totally cool, but I do believe there’s something cool about every parent. Parents only know what they know, and can only teach what they know. They do the best they can with what they know where they are. Today’s parents are probably at bit different than parents were back when I was a child.

    I had foster parents. My beloved foster mother was very cool, and very strict, and very high on my list of the most near perfect human beings I’ve ever met. Plus she had the best ‘high note’ laugh I’ve ever heard. Her constitution was a 10, and she had me right from the first day the social worker dropped me off.

    My foster father took a bit of getting used to, but after becoming an adult, I realized that in his own way, he had given me several golden words of wisdom that I still hold dear today. Yep! Parents are cool in all their various shapes, sizes, music tastes, and constitutions.

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    1. That’s awesome that you had such great parents! Sounds like both of them were indeed pretty cool. It took me a bit to warm up to my mom after my father passed away as well. She changed a good bit and it was almost like I lost both of my parents that day. She’s a lot closer to her old self today and I can also say that she’s taught me a lot in her own way. So, that’s really cool that you sort of had a similar experience with your father!

      I also agree with you, parent’s can’t teach what they don’t know. No one can! I do think that parenting is going to see a massive paradigm shift from the past if it hasn’t already. With the the power to have all knowledge at your fingertips via google, I would think that parenting will become easier for parents that struggle naturally with it. However, it could also become something that deters the bond from building between parents and children if we spend too much time on all of these devices. Or maybe neither of these will happen at all and it’ll be the same as it was a hundred years ago! Either way, I’m glad you sort of brought that up because i’m extremely interested to see!

      Thanks so much for sharing your story!


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