About Me


My name is Dustin. I popped up on earth in 1994. I became a father at age 23. Before my son could say “da-da”, I got the honor of adding “single” before my fatherly description. According to the views of society, parenting is a challenge for fathers. So, In the words of Barney Stinson, “Challenge accepted”.

My interests involve a variety of things such as music, children, fatherhood, video games, extra-ordinary moments, psychology, real estate, finances, etc. You name it, and I’m probably interested in it.

I hope to use this blog to create a community of parents or soon-to-be parents. Yes, parents, not just dads. Some moms also need to become a father figure to provide their children with lessons they need. At the end of the day, we all want to raise happy healthy adults and we can work together to do so, regardless of our weird parts.

Even if you’re not a parent, I invite you to tag along. There will be plenty for you to be entertained by and to learn from. If you take a peak into the blog content, you’ll find material that will benefit you such as finance talk, relationships, motivation, or Psychology.

I hope that you stick around for a while and come in to chat with myself or the community. Let’s all raise great adults together and live the good life.

You look great by the way. Glad to finally meet you.